Prowler 2.6.0 – Phantom

This release name is in honor of Phantom of the Opera, one of my favorite songs and a master piece of šŸ”„Iron MaidenšŸ”„. It starts by “I’ve been lookin’ so long for you now” like looking for security issues, isn’t it? šŸ¤˜šŸ¼ Enjoy it here while reading the rest of this note.


Important changes in this version:

New Features:

  • 12 New checks for efs, redshift, elb, dynamodb, route53, cloiudformation, elb and apigateway:
7.148 [extra7148] Check if EFS File systems have backup enabled - efs [Medium]
7.149 [extra7149] Check if Redshift Clusters have automated snapshots enabled - redshift [Medium]
7.150 [extra7150] Check if Elastic Load Balancers have deletion protection enabled - elb [Medium]
7.151 [extra7151] Check if DynamoDB tables point-in-time recovery (PITR) is enabled - dynamodb [Medium]
7.152 [extra7152] Enable Privacy Protection for for a Route53 Domain - route53 [Medium]
7.153 [extra7153] Enable Transfer Lock for a Route53 Domain - route53 [Medium]
7.154 [extra7154] Enable termination protection for Cloudformation Stacks - cloudformation [MEDIUM]
7.155 [extra7155] Check whether the Application Load Balancer is configured with defensive or strictest desync mitigation mode - elb [MEDIUM]
7.156 [extra7156] Checks if API Gateway V2 has Access Logging enabled - apigateway [Medium]
7.157 [extra7157] Check if API Gateway V2 has configured authorizers - apigateway [Medium]
7.158 [extra7158] Check if ELBV2 has listeners underneath - elb [Medium]
7.159 [extra7159] Check if ELB has listeners underneath - elb [Medium]



New Contributors

Full Changelog: 2.5.0…2.6.0

Thank you all for your contributions, Prowler community is awesome! šŸ„³

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