Book review: “Learning Alfresco Web Scripts”

Recently PackPublishing has released  the book “Learning Alfresco Web Scripts” written by Ramesh Chauhan. In a nutshell it is an starting point to learn how to develop web scripts from scratch to success.

If you often read this blog, you may already know what Alfresco is and how it works. As per the Alfresco Wiki: A Web Script is simply a service bound to a URI which responds to HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. While using the same underlying code, there are broadly two kinds of Web Scripts: data and presentation Web Scripts.

The book shows the reader what to know to be a web script developer: understand the Alfresco web script framework and how it works, components and architecture, writing a web script from scratch, types and options of web scripts with its components, how to use them from third party applications (which is very interesting in order to integrate Alfresco with others), embed Java in Web Scripts also knows as Java-backed web scripts, using Web Scripts with Java-script as well. Get to know all deployment options, debugging and troubleshooting, and also the very important maven options available with web scripts deployments.

I liked this book because it goes from very foundational information to really deep level concepts, so if you are looking to start learning web scripts from scratch and go beyond, it is a good option to have a single point of consultation. This is a pure web scripts book, if you are looking for a 5.0 updated book this is not your book, because it doesn’t cover Aikau, but remember that it covers most importan topics to start working with different flavours of web scripts. And after all, it is oriented for both beginners and advanced developers.


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  1. Because of your review I got a copy of the book. Being new to Alfresco I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it. I think it is written in a way is impossible not to understand it. Wanted to thank you because without your review I wouldn’t have bought it and I would have missed on it. Thanks for sharing.

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