Listado de aplicaciones Open Source de referencia

Recientemente se ha publicado e un interesantísimo informe sobre las mejores aplicaciones en Software Libre para uso empresarial. Aunque en este post lo resumo al máximo, tenéis toda la información extendida, descripciones, enlaces y capturas aquí. He ampliado el listado con soluciones que conozco y pienso que tambien son de referencia.

Creo que esta información es bastante importante porque marcan, en cierto modo, el camino a seguir.

The best for social networking, wiki, blogging, and groupware.
-Social networking: Elgg (el MySpace libre)
-Wiki: MediaWiki (php), xWiki (Java)
-Mail and calendar: Las alternativas a MS Exchange son Zimbra y Scalix aunque este último está regular
-Remote control desktop and console: VNC, TightVNC, UltraVNC.
-Blog publishing: WordPress

Developer tools:
-Object database: db4o
-Version control: Git
-Web client library: HttpClient
-Parallel programming: Intel Threaded Building Blocks (TBB)
-Business rule management system: JBoss Drools
-Rich Internet applications: Adobe Flex SDK
-JavaScript framework: Prototype
-Web services test tool: soapUI (standalone o plugin para Eclipse, Netbeans o IntelliJ)

Enterprise Applications:
The best free BPM, CRM, ERP, e-commerce, business intelligence, project management, application management, and portal software.
-Content management: Alfresco
-Enterprise resource planning: Compiere
-Project management: GanttProject, OpenProj, Open Workbench, dotProject.
-Application monitoring: Hyperic HQ
-Business process management: Intalio BPMS, Orbeon engine
-Enterprise portal: LifeRay
-E-commerce: Magento’s eCommerce
-Business intelligence: Pentaho
-Customer relationship management:  SugarCRM
-Reporting: JasperReports

Top picks for IP telephony, VoIP monitoring, log analysis, Wi-Fi scanning, server and network monitoring, and routing software.
-IP telephony: Asterisk, OpenSER (Kamailio), FreeSWITCH y CallWeaver.
-Log file analyzer: AWStats
-Wi-Fi network scanner: NetStumbler, inSSIDer.
-Server monitoring: Nagios, Cacti
-Wireless network interface: NDISwrapper
-Router, firewall, and VPN: Vyatta, pfSense, m0n0wall
-VoIP monitoring / sniffing: Wireshark
-Network monitoring: Zenoss Core

Platforms and Middleware:
The top free and open source operating systems, desktop and server virtualization, database, application integration, and data migration software.
-Server operating system: CentOS
-Enterprise Service Bus: JBossESB

-Database: MySQL PostgreSQL.

-MySQL/PostgreSQL administration: phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin
-Small-footprint OS: Puppy Linux
-Data migration: Jitterbit
-Desktop operating system: Ubuntu 8.04, a.k.a. Hardy Heron
-Desktop virtualization: VirtualBox
-Server virtualization:  Xen

-Radius and wifi Security: phpRADmin

Productivity Applications:
The top free and open source productivity apps, including office suite, Web browser, image manipulator, sound editor, 3D modeling tool, and PDF creator.
-Sound editing: Audacity
-3-D modeling: Blender
-Web browser: Firefox
-Image editing: GIMP
-Productivity suite:
-PDF creation: y PDFcreator (para Windows)

-Application security: AppArmor y SELinux.
-Penetration toolkit: Metasploit
-Windows password cracker: Ophcrack
-Network firewall: SmoothWall Express, Firewall Builder (gestión de firewalls), pfSense y m0n0wall.
-Network intrusion detection: Snort
-Security log analysis: Splunk
-Disk encryption: TrueCrypt
-Gateway security: Untangle

Storage Software:
The top free and open source offering for network and online backup, network attached storage, disk monitoring, and storage administration.
-Network backup: Amanda
-Storage server: FreeNAS
-Online backup: Free Online Backup
-File management:  WinMerge
-Disk monitoring: SMART
-Storage administration: StorageIM

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