My talk about “Alfresco Backup and Recovery Tool” in the Alfresco Summit

All recorded videos has been published recently in the Alfresco Summit portal and here you go my talk “Alfresco Backup and Recovery Tool: A Real World Backup Solution” I gave in both Boston and Barcelona. I was the first public presentation about Alfresco BART.

Thanks to all who attended this session and made it one of the most-well attended and highest-rated in both cities. I’m looking forward to keep talking covering security topics as usual (I already have some “hack-ideas”…).

If you only want to see the demo, it starts at minute 33:

The presentation is published in Slideshare as well:

Remember you can download here the White Paper I mention during the talk.

If you only want to see the practical demo (best resolution in the talk video above), you can enjoy it here:

Any questions and comments are always welcome!

3 thoughts to “My talk about “Alfresco Backup and Recovery Tool” in the Alfresco Summit”

  1. tony hello, I’m having trouble watching the video, so my question may be redundant, so I advance my apologies. The question is, will succeed when using Alfresco Bart alfresco-4.0.e to migrate to version 4.2.e? Once again, congratulations on your blog

  2. Hi Rodrigo, thank you for letting me know. It is already fixed, it looks like I didn’t embedded the video in the right way.

    Answering your question: yes, Alfresco BART should work after an upgrade, just remember to review and to see if all paths are correct.

    Thanks for visiting!

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